Contractors warned about CIDB impostors

The Construction Industry Development Board of Malaysia (CIDB) have issued a statement to warn local contractors about individuals that are impersonating their officers.

According to the statement, these imposters operate by offering to resolve foreign workers’ permit issues for a sum of money, or face the risk of having to pay a bigger amount as penalty under CIDB’s Act 520 (Amendment 2011).

Not stopping there, some of these imposters even go as far as to threaten to reveal evidence of wrongdoings if the contractors refuse to oblige. It is believed that the syndicate targets contractors who have ongoing projects.

To avoid any form of confusion, CIDB stressed that any payment to the board will have to be done through proper channels such as CIDB state branches or accounts.

In a bid to combat this problem, CIDB have urged contractors to report any suspicious phone calls received and take note of important information such as the impostor’s full name, phone number and office address.

For more information, you can contact CIDB at 1300-88-2432 or by stopping one of their state branches nationwide.